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Training employees is crucial to the success of any business, and this does not exclude your cleaning staff! As we find our new norm in a world of pandemic travel, cleanliness has emerged as one of the top criteria when booking a vacation home and remains one of the top reasons for a bad review! Keeping your guests and your properties clean and safe is a top priority which begins and ends with your cleaning staff.

Your cleaning team is crucial to the success of your business, your brand reputation and the experience you offer your guests. While attracting, motivating and retaining housekeeping staff is always a challenge, a well-trained team improves morale and efficiency, delivers a higher level of productivity and adds value to your vacation rental business.

Your guests expect to arrive to a fresh, clean home with no evidence of previous guests. Your housekeeping team are required not only to clean, sanitize and maintain the property to the highest standards but to stock, stage and prepare the home for a five-star first impression for incoming guests. Train your cleaning staff and empower them with the tools they need to give your guests a safe, sanitized and sparkling clean stay.

Establish Standards:

Team up new staff with an experienced cleaner for a full on-site training and to establish basic standards for consistency and property appearance throughout all your homes. If you’re managing multiple properties, it’s virtually impossible for cleaning staff to remember exactly where everything goes, images go a long way to guide your cleaning team on property presentation.

Set Clear Expectations:

Set clear expectations for your cleaning staff with detailed check lists for each stage of the cleaning, sanitizing and staging process. Property specific check lists provide clear guidelines, eliminate miscommunication and even let your team know which homes require special attention or luxury touches.

Covid-19 Cleaning Guidelines:

All staff need to be trained with specific cleaning techniques and PPE requirements to ensure that all homes meet the enhanced Covid cleaning protocols. Train your housekeeping team to understand the cleaning products and equipment you use and to follow all the required steps to prepare a safe, sanitized and appealing home.

Customer Care:

Your cleaning team are a representation of your brand and while they may not have much direct contact with your guests, they may be presented with a disgruntled guest. Train your cleaning staff to be professional, polite, understand your brands ethos on customer care and how best to deal with guest complaints.

Cleaning Staff Training: Service Evaluations

Service evaluations are part of the training process and present an opportunity for both team member and property manager to provide positive and negative feedback and put practical solutions in place for improvement. Be sure to give your team positive reinforcement regularly and any feedback from guests immediately.

Task Management Tools:

Now, give your cleaning team the tools they need to succeed! The days of manual checklists and processes are over, and it’s clear that automation is the way forward. Streamlining your property care allows you to manage your team tasks from one central platform, automate workflows, control inventory in the homes, create digital checklists, upload property images, communicate with your team in real-time and automate your property care and cleaning process.

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