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Property Status Overview & Smart Scheduling

Housekeeping Software

Manage more properties with less cleaners

Housekeeping software to gain live insight into property clean status & efficiently schedule cleaners to optimise your operations.

Put your housekeeping on auto pilot and drive efficiency across your operations.

Vacation Rental Property Care

Property Status Overview

Gain a birds-eye view of property status across your portfolio.

  • Quick view of property clean status across portfolio

  • Customise definition of guest ready (clean, inspected)

  • See live updates from in-field tasks

  • Realtime in-field feedback for your team

Live Updates

Seamless live updates from in-field team, ensuring you always know when properties are ready for guests.

In-field staff actions reported & shown in dashboard

  • Understand & solve issues before they happen

  • Enable cleaners to claim additional tasks to optimise turnover days
  • Communicate task & scheduling changes to your cleaning team
  • Auto generation of tasks when issues flagged by your in-field team
Vacation Rental Housekeeping Technology

Smart Scheduling

Simplify staff roster with drag & drop scheduling.

  • Optimise your cleaning teams to streamline your operations

  • Built in tools to recommend ‘best for efficiency’ or ‘best for cost’ scheduling

  • Utilise drag & drop scheduling saving admin time 

  • No more spreadsheets & WhatsApp
  • Tools to improve cleaning & operational efficiency

Cleaning & Maintenance Cost Tracking

Reduce admin with instant cost tracking from in-field teams.

  • Empower teams to track parts & labor costs in any task

  • Customise task cost setting for outsourced work force

  • Instantly receive cost tracking reports 

  • Housekeeping software to match your operations

Vacation Rental Property Care

 Automate housekeeping & maintenance tasks linked to bookings and auto-assign your in-field teams to tasks.
Put your operations on autopilot.

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Other Ways We Can Help

Customizable Software

Flexible software platform to match to your current operations.

Automated Housekeeping

Automate cleaning tasks linked to bookings and auto-assign cleaners to recurring tasks.