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We were kindly invited to talk on the hit podcast Get Paid For Your Pad about and the general tech eco-system for Airbnb hosts. Henry & Jasper talked about how most vacation rental tech is built for large companies and ultimately smaller property managers and Airbnb hosts end up over paying for technology.

The talk focuses on how Airbnb hosts and vacation rental managers who manage under 10 units can reduce the cost of their tech stack to maximise their profits. Henry discusses that many enquires for are managing up to 50 properties without using a PMS systems. These property managers use only  a channel manager such as Rentals United or SyncBnB and then manually manage the cleaning and other operational aspects without any technology. Whilst this approach increases profit in the short term, it is clear the eco-system could do with tech products that also cater for these hosts that do not have the budget for a costly PMS.

Below is a summary of topics covered on Get Paid For Your Pad | podcast.

Key Topics Covered In Podcast:

Key Challenges for Short Term Rentals in the Covid Era:
Property managers having to contain costs, including technology
The challenge of finding and retaining cleaning staff

How can help Airbnb hosts Scale without heavy costs
Automation of recurring cleaning & maintenance tasks
Automate guest communications (SMS & email)
$2 / £2 / €2 price point, no set up fees

The Power of SMS for Guest Comms
Fast response rate and high engagement
Email becoming harder to be heard

Why Airbnb Hosts Need A Guest CRM
Leverage CRM technology to segment your guests / customers
Retarget OTA bookers with highly targeted email campaigns to drive direct bookings

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