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Cleaning for a paying guest is a little different than cleaning your home for expected visitors. Every nook and cranny requires attention and expect your guests to run their fingers over the top of picture frames and on hidden window-sills, just to be sure!

We’re all a little extra paranoid and cleanliness now matters more than ever before. Keeping your guests satisfied starts with the cleaning process, and guests expect higher standards of cleaning as they travel post the Covid-19 pandemic. The cleanliness of your properties affects your vacation rental reviews and is the most common guest complaint, nothing else really matters to a guest if the home is not clean!

The Basics: How to Clean Airbnb Rentals

Preparing your vacation rental homes and Airbnb properties for post-pandemic travel looks a little different. The cleaning process needs to be efficient and fast for same day turnovers, yet completely thorough to meet enhanced cleaning protocols. The first step is to implement an organized cleaning process that allows a reasonable amount of time to ventilate, clean, sanitize and stage the home, and streamlines property care and operations for your team.

Airbnb Cleaning Checklist:

Be organized with a customized housekeeping checklist for each unique property to clearly direct the cleaner and eliminate human error (If your team is cleaning a portfolio of homes, it’s impossible to recall the individual instruction for each home). Set the dishwasher to run first, then work through the home room by room. Clean, sanitize and check the home paying special attention to high touch surfaces (light switches, remote controls, door handles ….).

Covid Care:

Implement best practices for enhanced Covid-19 safety and cleaning protocols and supply your team with the correct PPE and cleaning supplies they need. Some property managers have set up a buffer between bookings to allow for the home to be thoroughly cleaned and ventilated.


Ventilate the home and each room before and while cleaning: open doors, windows and turn on ceiling fans to circulate the air, eliminate bad smells and old cooking odors (diffusers work wonders!). No one wants to arrive to a stuffy and smelly home.

Linens First:

Remove all linens to launder while you clean (you can switch loads while cleaning). Enhanced cleaning protocols require special laundering for all soft furnishings such as casual throws, blankets and cushion covers.


Your team will need to do a routine check of all appliances, light fittings, battery operated remotes and general maintenance items. Include these in your cleaning checklist to ensure a smooth maintenance check throughout the home

Stocking & Staging the Home:

The final step is stocking and staging the home for the next guests. This includes kitchen and bathroom essentials, restocking the first aid kit and staging the home for a warm welcome for the incoming guests.

Outsourcing and Managing your Cleaning

Cleaning your own properties saves money and gives you the opportunity to inspect each home individually but is a daunting task that requires time (it could be several turnovers a week) and is not always a practical solution as your property portfolio grows. Outsourcing your cleaning to a small local business or professional cleaning company that specializes in the industry and knows how best to clean an Airbnb for ultimate guest satisfaction, saves you time to focus on building your brand and enhancing the guest experience.

An Automated Cleaning Software Solution

Simplify, streamline and manage your cleaning process even further with an automated cleaning software solution complete with internal communications, real-time task management, reporting and notifications and the benefits of customized digital checklists for each property., powered by YourWelcome, is an award-winning vacation rental Property Care & Guest Communication Platform that empowers your team and gives your business the tools you need to succeed.

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