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Airbnb Rental Property Care is one of the key elements of running a successful property management business. Since Covid-19, vacation rental tech has been adopted at great speed as guests want contactless stays and the reassurance the rental is properly cleaned and managed.

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increasingly competitive market, stricter government regulations and local laws, enhanced safety protocols and unexpected operational challenges. Keeping up with the influx of new technologies is one of the biggest challenges faced by property managers, but in a pandemic world it is essential.

Vacation rental property care can be streamlined by utilizing software to help with task management and automate communication to ensure a consistent standard is met for all properties.

Property Care: Challenges & Pain Points

The increase in guest expectation in the post Covid travel world has put more pressure on vacation rental managers to deliver high quality cleaning, hygiene and property maintenance. Property managers who fail to meet these rising expectations will face negative reviews and ultimately fewer bookings.

Damage To The Property

Vacation rental managers are now well versed in guest screening to ensure they reduce potential damage to their rental portfolio. However, there will always be guests that do not take care of the property and inevitably some spring breakers will cause some damage. Damages to property affect your working capital as you need to sink funds into the fixing the issues. The simplest way to stop this cash drain is to improve your guest verification. There are several ways to do this. You can manually outreach to guests to check their ID and the reason for their trip. However, increasingly larger property managers are using automated tools for aggregating guest IDs, contract signatures and guest vetting. is a market leading pre-arrival automation tool to take care of the guest verification process.

Hygiene & Cleaning:

Your cleaning staff are one of your biggest assets as they will be responsible for the quality consistency of your properties. In addition, they can offer feedback on the types of guests you are attracting (eg do they look after the property). It is important you make your cleaning teams work as simple and optimized as possible. Ensure your cleaning staff use a digital solution to log their cleaning and work through their property cleaning checklist.

Maintenance & Property Repairs:

Property wear and tear will be a lot higher in short term renting than long term rentals. Most property managers will broadly know the cost of maintaining a property each season. However, by conducting regular inspections of your properties will ensure you do not get any nasty surprises.

Property Guides & Local Area Information:

Every property manager has received the dreaded late-night calls about how an appliance works or even to get a restaurant recommendation. These calls can easily be eliminated through providing high quality property guides and local area and restaurant guides. Whilst there are many ways to aggregate these (from paper to digitally), the key is to ensure that guests actually read them. In the post Covid world, guests will not want to pick up paper guides as these will be seen as unhygienic. In addition, emailing guests a link to an app or website will not prevent these calls as guests are unlikely to search their inbox for an email or text as it is easier to phone you. The best way to prevent calls is to have vacation rental tablet that contains all the information and is instantly accessible for the guest.

Airbnb Property Care: Solutions

Vacation rental property managers who are looking to scale their business need to find an effective task management property care system. Property managers who leverage technology and implement effective tech solutions have a competitive advantage as they will be able to offer a better owner and guest experience.

If you want to work smarter, not harder then is your vacation rental property care solution.

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