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Vacation Rental SMS solution is a hot topic as managers look to engage guests on platforms they are most active on. The travel landscape has changed substantially since the onset of Covid-19 and effective, efficient, contactless communication with your guests is more important now than ever before. Guest communication can be time consuming and laborious, so it’s time to stop playing phone tag and automate your guest communications with tailored text messaging solutions, automated responses and scheduled messages for a faster response.

There are multiple channels available to communicate with your guests! Online forms are fast becoming a thing of the past and emails and calls don’t always get answered, but the latest SMS texting statistics show that SMS texting is the way of the future, with open rates as high as 98%.

As the hospitality industry rapidly advances, innovative technology solutions continue to emerge and the implementation of an advanced SMS solution and automated messaging tool allows you to keep your finger on the pulse, customize and personalize your templates and enhance your guest communications. The benefits of automating your guest communications are endless! From streamlining your property care and operations to enhancing the overall guest experience and upselling additional services to maximize revenue, automation is the way forward.

A Simple SMS Solution for Vacation Rentals

A vacation is a time to switch off and enjoy time with friends and family and many guests prefer to get away from the office, disconnect from email and enjoy some downtime. There is one thing your guest does not leave home without … their cell phone! Research shows that guests prefer quick SMS text messages to lengthy old-school emails and switching from a manual process to a simple SMS text messaging solution can take your day to day operations and guest communication to the next level.

Property Management Operations:

Put an end to tedious manual processes by automating your day to day operations. Eliminate the pain points of property care and operations by creating and assigning maintenance jobs and work orders for your cleaning team and maintenance crew with real-time communications.
Guest Management:

A turnkey SMS solution allows you to streamline your interactions and communicate with your guests effectively. Set up your triggers, automations and simple auto responders for bookings, pre-stay, post-stay and during stay communications, guest reminders, checklists, mid-stay surveys, guest reviews, local information and FAQ. The options are endless!

Maintenance & Property Repairs:

Property wear and tear will be a lot higher in short term renting than long term rentals. Most property managers will broadly know the cost of maintaining a property each season. However, by conducting regular inspections of your properties will ensure you do not get any nasty surprises.

Upselling & Marketing:

SMS and MMS marketing is on the rise and is an effective solution to market your business, drive more bookings and up-sell added services (early check in or late check out, mid stay cleans, equipment hire, tours and activities, special packages and party bundles).

Vacation Rental SMS Solution

As the vacation rental industry continues to change and evolve in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, your technology stack is more important now than ever before! While email is a tried and tested form of communication, SMS is fast, immediate and receives impressive response rates. Take your daily operations and guest communications to a new level, drive revenue and complement your existing channels by adding a life-changing SMS solution to your business. provides a marketing leading SMS solution & communication hub for vacation rental managers. From $2 per property, per month

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