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Vacation rental guest communication is a key part of the guest experience. Managing guest expectations is the biggest challenge faced by property managers, even more so now with expectations higher than ever before. Travellers are seeking a safe stay with added reassurance before and during their stay, often on a continual basis as the Covid landscape changes daily from destination to destination. In addition, with the boom of the industry and vacation rentals the preferred form of lodging, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. If your response rates aren’t quick, the chances are your potential guest will move on.

It’s no surprise that guest communication is the most important aspect of your business, from first point of contact to post-stay engagement!

A recent McKinsey survey shows that Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by several years. Automating and enhancing your day to day processes is crucial to stay competitive in our fast-evolving industry. Are you growing your tools with your business and giving your team the technology they need for success?

Studies show that SMS is the preferred method of guest communication with open rates as high as 98% and excellent response rates, but does this cater to all your guests and team members? The scenarios can differ from booking to booking. A corporate sending an email or Slack Connect DM, an international tourist communicating via WhatsApp or, an employee updating the team?

As a property manager, there’s no need to choose a preferred form of communication for your guests when there is one simple, quick and convenient solution that centralizes all your guest communications in one place, despite the messaging method!

Simplify, Streamline & Manage your Guest Communications

Implementing (and learning) new technology is daunting to many managers but these valuable tools save you both time and resources. Simplify, streamline and manage your inbound and outbound emails and messages for efficient and effective vacation rental guest management by adding a simple, yet powerful property management tool to your technology toolbox!

The Benefits of the Communications Hub

YourWelcome powers and they know how to help you make more money from your vacation rental and are taking guest communications one step further! Automate your guest communications, connect with guests during their stay with a vacation rental tablet and manage your property information and guest communication from one portal.

The YourWelcome Communications hub is a central communications portal that enables property managers to manage all their guest communications from one unified dashboard and inbox.

Whether your guest’s preferred messaging service is Slack, SMS, WhatsApp or email, it’s all captured in one central place! Simply set up or port a mobile number and you can send automated, one off or group messages to guests, message and manage your team, maintenance and cleaning staff and clear out your individual inboxes from one central hub.

Exceeding your guests expectation is not an unobtainable goal … Simplify, Streamline & Manage your Guest Communications with YourWelcome.