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Welcome to our Holiday Rental Cleaning Companies – The Definitive Guide. has aggregated every cleaning company that operates in North America and the United Kingdom to offer our clients a resource to help solve their cleaner shortage. The list has been aggregated by reviewing the services offered by the companies, the quality of their reviews and whether they have contact details (both website and phone numbers).

The list contains over 50,000+ cleaning companies in North America & over 15,000+ in the UK.

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How to Select a Perfect Cleaning Company

1. Trust

The most important aspect when selecting a cleaning company is trust. The quality of the clean and the reliability of the service will materially impact your reviews and operational efficiency so there needs to be trust between both parties.

2. Experience

The first question that all property managers should ask is whether they are a vacation rental cleaning company or a more generalist cleaning agency.

The requirements for domestic cleaning vs vacation rental cleaning companies is very different. You can quickly ascertain the level of experience by looking at the testimonials online and we would recommend asking to speak directly to a vacation rental company they have previously worked with.

3. Contract Terms

Many vacation rental cleaning companies will understand the cashflow of your business but new cleaning companies may not. It is important to establish your payment terms with the cleaning company and have a robust contract in place between both parties.

4. Standards

Be sure to clearly communicate the standard of cleaning you are requiring. Vacation rental cleaning companies will likely have a broad understanding of the tasks involved. However, we would recommend going through a clean step by step with any new potential cleaning partner.

5. Availability 

Availability will likely make or break a new potential cleaning partner. Your business requires continuous availably of cleaners to deal with the constant bookings and changes to reservations. Establish early on what availability you will require to optimise your business. 

7. Communication & Technology

Once you have selected your preferred cleaning contractor your will need to set up a communications channel. Many early stage property managers rely on WhatsApp or SMS but as you take on more properties you will need a task management solution such as

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